Welcome to the new IdentityPro blog site


Thanks for checking out my site. I am an IAM Architect/Engineer and I am passionate about all things identity. I have been fortunate to work for many great organizations and to have been involved with many awesome IAM-focused implementations, integrations and projects.

Sometime back when I started as a Jr. Active Directory Administrator in the mid 2000’s I was fortunate to have a few special mentors take me under their wing and nurture me. Their guidance and advice allowed me to grow into the IAM Architect/Engineer I am today. Now I want to give back to the greater IAM community in some way. Plus I just really want to share awesome new features and projects/integrations I come across along the way.


Most of my background is focused on Microsoft identity solutions and products such as Azure AD, AD FS, AD DS, AD LDS and AD CS. I have also worked with Google Cloud Identity and the Microsoft Graph. In addition, I am a longtime PowerShell guy and I like to write useful scripts for automation here and there. Of course, maybe it goes without saying, I am a longtime Windows Server Engineer.

Some quick-fire random stuff about me:

  • I lift and do high-intensity interval training
  • I run indoors on an average treadmill
  • I play guitar once a year
  • coffee and espresso keep me alive
  • I am a native New Yorker residing in the sunshine state

Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts which will be much more awesome and will be much more technical in nature. Until then, rock on!